Thursday, August 7, 2008

1 day left till the games officially begin!

The Opening Ceremonies are less than 24 hours away!! Oh my gosh I can't believe it!!

I had another busy day today. I woke up to a cloudy day here in Beijing, which was kind of disappointing because our first days here were so much better! But that didn’t stop us from doing what we need to do at the pool! After a breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, and bacon, we headed to the practice pool for some lift work with one of the Circus School coaches we’ve been working with. “Sean” (his Chinese name is harder to spell) is so talented! He has family in Shanghi and it worked out perfectly that he could be here in Beijing to help us a bit while we’re here getting ready. He is such a help for me and the team because he’s done both the base and the flying parts of lifts on land, and he has a lot of insider tips!

In the afternoon we had our first free routine practice at the water cube! It is so exhilarating swimming in there. The brightness of the space and the colorful banners give us a lot of energy to perform!

We headed to the filming of the today show right after dinner. I’m pretty sure you can see us and other American athletes waving as the camera pans the crowd near the beginning. I’m getting really excited for tomorrow’s ceremonies which start at 8:00 pm on 8-8-08!! I hope you can catch a glimpse of me among the 500+ American athletes!!


Douglas said...

Hi Janet -- Thanks for doing this. We will be following closely and wish you all the best.

Jennie said...

I definitely saw you guys in the crowd this morning! I couldn't watch the whole thing, but Sean recorded it so I'll watch tonight. Glad things are going well!

JH said...

Thanks for bringing us along on your adventure. I am really enjoying it. Here's hoping that things go so well SCU forgets all about Brandi Chastain and you'll be our big famous alum! Keep posting on the inside scoop - it is a thrill to experience it vicariously so I can't even imagine being there. Soak up the experience. It must just be incredible. Best of luck!

Jen (as in Rob and Ruthie and...)

TammyCdeClercq said...

So great to read your words!! Thanks for the awesome blog and keep up the good work!! Take in opening ceremonies . . . we'll be looking for the team!!!

Go USA!! #1!! Lots of love from Cali!