Thursday, August 21, 2008

Last practice day!!

Today was our last full practice day of the 2008 Olympics! When I first made the training squad in December of 2006, this day seemed so far away. I can't believe it's here now, it seems so unreal!

In typical synchro fashion, we made the most of every last moment today. We had a pretty tough morning practice where the team perfected our technical elements and did a lot of swimming. We've decided we must be in pretty good shape though, since swimming small sections is just as hard as swimming the whole program! We also touched on free a little which was an amazing feeling. After focusing on tech for a few days, the free program feels so amazing and, well free!! We went to the cube in the afternoon and did a full rehearsal of tech, from the practice in the warm-up pool to the last stroke. And an amazing thing happened...during the tech run-through the music cut out after the second lap, but the team got right back up and started again. The second swim was still calm and connected, despite the music flaw. That proves that we are prepared for any situation, because the music stopping during the routine is one of the craziest things that can happen mentally to us.

Tonight we have a little time to relax and prepare for our first day of team competition tomorrow. I am so ready to start! But tomorrow I'll just be there to help everyone out, make sure my team-mates are hydrated, happy, and comfortable so they can have the best possible swim. The tech program is worth 50% of our final score, so ultimately tomorrow's performance is just as important as the free program the next day. I know as the team hits the water tomorrow your thoughts will be with all of us! Thank you so much!

P.S. There is a great article in the Washington Post about our free program...just reading it gives me chills and is so motivating for our free performance on Saturday!


Sarah said...

Janet -

I can't wait to watch - I'm so excited to see all of you girls on TV this weekend. I thought your performances were amazing back in June, so I can't even imagine how great your team will look now!

Good luck!!!!

PS Hello to Jennie, too. :) I'll be looking for your family in the stands...

Pelechati said...

Good luck Janet. I got the recorder set.

Mary said...


9News just ran the story about you and Jennie that has been on their website, so you're even more famous in Colorado now. :)

Have a wonderful time--you're going to be fantastic!


Does anyone know when the SS events might be aired in Colorado? The 9News website just gives a huge time range.

Juri said...

Watched the duel competition on line! Go U.S.A. I am very excited to see you guys on TV tomorrow night! Good luck and have the best time of your life!!!! Will be thinking of you, your teammates, and your family!

BOB said...

Hey Janet

Its Emily (you taught me how to swim when i was little)
(im Andrew's "pelechati" little sister)

CONGRATS on making it into the Olympics
im so proud of you

Hope to see you soon



Rob said...

I was down in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a law seminar and on the plane on the way home I read in the USA Today that your swim program will be on NBC's coverage tomorrow morning! It looks like I'm sticking by the TV in the AM! I really enjoyed reading the Denver Post article (Aug 3)from your link. You and Jennie have made us all proud and best wishes for a great swim tomorrow.

Rob Laughlin & Family