Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Showtime practice

I got up this morning, packed my bag, and ate breakfast just like it was a competition day. Our team did our usual meet day warm up in the pool, we warmed up certain hybrids (leg moves) and strokes (arm moves) that need particular focus, and we had our 15 minutes of scheduled music time. Then we put up our hair, which we call "knoxing" because we use knox gelatin, put on lots of make-up, and put on our newly-finished competition suits for the first time. Finally, we got in to kick out our legs, visualized the free routine all together, and walked out on deck. Then it was SHOWTIME!!!

The only difference was that it was practice, not the real thing. Our coaches wanted everything this morning to be just like our competition so we could feel what we're going to feel like so nothing is a surprise on competition day. I was just as nervous today as I am in competition, which is exactly what they wanted us to feel. And I was just as excited swimming the routine through as I am during competition. Of course there is no real comparison to the feelings and emotions we'll be feeling in another week and a half, I mean this is they Olympics!!! But it was a good start and good preparation. We had a pretty good swim. Not our best so far (which the coaches said was our last swim last night at 7:00 pm), but that's why this was still practice!

We're heading back to the pool this afternoon to do a little work on tech, and then we'll be packing up all our stuff to head back to Beijing tomorrow afternoon. It's been such an exhausting and difficult few days, but at the same time we've improved so much that it has definitely been worth it. I'll be sad to leave South Korea and the helpful and wonderful people we've met here. But it will be fun to be back in the village to feel the excitement of the competition that seems so far away right now!


Anonymous said...

Hello Janet,

I am six years older than you and swam for the Boulder Aquateens the same time you were swimming in Littleton. I am excited to see a synchronized swimmer from my home stomping grounds (as I grew up in Lakewood and live in Littleton) in the Olympics. Congratulations for getting this far. I can't wait to cheer you on from CO.


Judy said...


We are enjoying your posts. This is such an amazing time for you; we're glad you are taking it all in and sharing that with us. We wish you and the team all the best. We'll be watching as much as we can.


Aunt Judy and Uncle John

synculpop/mom said...

Hi Janet,
We've so enjoyed reading your blog! Things are a little crazy here trying to get packed and ready to go, but we can't wait to get there and see you. Maybe you'll see us waving from the crowd at the duet competition on Tuesday! Love you lots!

Mom & Dad & David

Fran Fry said...

Janet, Mike and I will be Praying for you..Cant wait till Saturday.
Angels will be all around you.

Mike and Fran Fry