Friday, August 8, 2008

The countdown is over!

In just two short hours I'll be leaving the village and heading to Opening Ceremonies!! I am so excited and the energy here around the village is just incredible.

Everyone got up early this morning to fit in some practice before the ceremony, including (of course) our team. Of course we're up early every day, so it was really no different for us! We had a short pool practice then headed to Beijing Normal University, the away-from-home home of the US team. It's basically like an Olympic Training Center that's been moved in its entirety to Beijing for the Olympics. The USOC hired top American chefs to provide meals there, and let me tell you it was so worth it! My lunch today was probably the most delicious meal I've eaten in a few months! We had another land practice after lunch with our circus school trainer, a meeting with our sports psychologist, and then headed back to the village to get ready for the ceremonies.

I can't wait to tell you all about the ceremonies, but it might have to wait until tomorrow night! We leave at 5:00 and probably won't be back till around 1 am. But I'm so sure it will be worth it to march with the best US and international athletes of 2008! I can't wait!


The Van Meters said...

Have been meaning to get in touch with you for some time now. Good luck in Bejing and thanks for keeping the blog--fun to "travel" along with you. How Bejing has changed since we were there in 1987! Eric and Emily are telling everyone that their former babysitter is in the Olympics! All our best to you and your family. Steve, Donna, Eric and Emily

The Rubys said...

The Ruby's from Denver say Hello and Good Luck!! We're so proud we know you and your family. David was over at house house Wednesday night after SHY in the Park, playing Rock Band with Kevin. He's seems really excited about getting over there to see you and all the action. What an amazing journey. We'll be watching for you in the opening ceremonies. John, Amy, Shannon, Kevin and Dana

Anonymous said...

Hey, Janet - my little sister, Abby (Baumbach), took one of the synchro summer classes you taught years and years ago then joined Splash! I always loved watching you and Jennie at the meets and was so excited to find that you made it to the Olympics! I've heard so many horrible things about the pollution over there - I hope it doesn't affect you all too much. Sounds like you're having an awesome time. Anyway, just letting you know you have one more in your cheering section back here in Colorado. Good luck, and go USA!!! -Alissa :o)