Sunday, August 3, 2008

Leavin' on an airplane

Well, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go! Two big pieces of luggage, a carry-on, and a small backpack fit all I need (I hope!) for my first Olympics. Packing was quite a feat--I really wasn't sure all the stuff I had laid out would actually fit in anything.

I've heard from many people today wishing me luck and safe travels--THANK YOU!! I can't even tell you how special and supported I feel as I head to a far-away land tomorrow to compete in the world's biggest sporting event. And for those I couldn't get back to I really appreciate your calls, emails, and texts. I really do feel like I'll be competing with the support of a nation behind me! I'll be checking my voice-mail, email, and blog while in China, so don't be shy...I'd love to hear from you.

I can't believe that my next blog will be from Beijing! Opening ceremonies are just 4 days away!


mightymel8 said...

Heyyy good luck and God bless!! Rooting for ya! Make us proud!!
P.S. Keep up the blogs cuz it's always interesting to see what it's like being being in the Olympics.

denwoz said...


We were talking among ourselves at a recent neighborhood gathering how we are amazed, blessed, and inspired by your representing of us Americans in the Olympics in Beijing. Our wishes to you for the best and blessings, bring home medals, and to your family for a happy and safe travel there.

May we see your team's picture on the Wheaties box and the street we live on be changed to Janet Culp Way.

Here are some of the responses from relatives and friends across the country after we informed them of your participation:

"Thanks for the info, . . . sharing the info with us."
"We'll (certainly) watch for her."
"Woo-Hoo!! for Janet Culp." (from Billings MT while vacationing from Colorado)
"How wonderful!"
"First time we know of some who knows someone who'll be in the Olympics."

Sincerely, Denny & Myra